Andrea Ette Homeopathy

What clients say

Back pain after an injury

I had been suffering from a severe back pain for already a couple of years before I met Andrea. I fell down badly from a snowboard resulting in not being able to walk or move anyhow before I received a significant amount of injections. I felt stiffness. It hurt by most of the movements, and occasionally I got muscle or nerve suppression so that I was not able to stand up or turn aside. I was frustrated and scared because some movements randomly and out of sudden completely paralyzed my body and I had to go to the hospital for injections. I tried lots of things - received injections to ease the pain, went to physiotherapy, massages, acupuncture, tried stretching and yoga but everything relieved the pain for a day or two and then it came back. It was tiresome and I almost gave up on hope that I will ever live without feeling any pain again. This was when I met Andrea and received treatment from her. I noticed significant change already the next day after I took the remedy. It kept on improving days later. It gradually improved to the point where I have already forgotten how bad it was and returned fully to my normal routine with sports and have no pain at all. It’s unbelievable how recovery happened as I had years of history with doctors not being able to help me. I want to thank Andrea for her knowledge, support and individual approach during the healing process. She was very attentive, insightful and managed to get to the root cause of the problem. The remedy she selected for me was exceptionally effective and allowed me to live pain-free. I’m extremely grateful for her unmistakable knowledge and trust in homeopathy.

Natasha, Russia

Child with ADHD

At the age of 11, my son with a handicap started to suffer from bedwetting during stressful periods. Due to precocious puberty he also became very angry. Because of ADHD he used to swear a lot, especially when being exhausted. He was very spiteful. He is aware of his handicap, which bothers him. He understands that he is different from his healthy friends or family members and so he tries to cope in his own way. After the administration of the homeopathic remedy given by Andrea, my son improved so incredibly in all aspects that even his teacher in his special class noticed a huge shift for the better within a relatively short period of time. His teacher even requested contact of Andrea for the mother of my son's classmate. The frequency of his outbursts of anger, helplessness, bedwetting and states of being unhappy reduced significantly. I am grateful for this development.

Andrea is very thorough in her work and cooperation with clients. She is extremely perceptive and has a consistent approach. I really like the way she works with her clients. Her approach is very professional, human and kind. Although she needs specific information from us, she is patient even with people with ADHD who suffer from verbosity and she can easily bring a person back to the given topic which can better help her to find a suitable remedy. Although the healing process is sometimes long and difficult, she never gives up and looks for a way to help the client in order to come to a positive result. I have convinced myself more than once that she knows how to connect things, is thoughtful and works very systematically. And that's also why she achieves so many great results. She puts a lot of herself into her work and even with all the difficulties she experiences with clients, she can bring some easiness and healthy laugh to it. I am very grateful that my son and I can go through the healing process with her.

Anděla, Czech Republic

Rheumatoid arthritis

I first came to Andrea with symptoms of beginning rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic inflammation issues. Within a month, any pain and swelling on the joints disappeared and has not come back. All other chronic issues with gums, teeth and hidradenitis suppurativa have improved significantly, for the first time in years. I appreciated Andrea´s kind attitude.

Peter, UK

A case of burnout

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Andrea for helping me a lot in my difficult life situation. I came to her feeling stressed out and nervous. I was burnt out, bothered by other people and also felt very drained. Firstly, Andrea helped me to get rid of the side effects after the Covid vaccine. After that we focused on my other issues. With the help of another homeopathic remedy, she gradually eliminated my symptoms. There has been a significant improvement, I feel much more at ease, I have more energy, I think much more positively and I see the world again in bright colours and perceive details that I did not see before. I can handle stressful situations better and my weakened heart function has also improved.

Andrea is really wonderful. She listens to people and what she says really happens and works. She works systematically, does not miss anything, and also responds to additional questions even after consultation. I can recommend her to anyone and will be coming back to her again in the future in case of other problems.

Martin, Czech Republic

Recovery after surgeries

I can highly recommend Andrea, not only because of her profound knowledge of homeopathy but also because of her empathic and pleasant personality.

She successfully treated me already several times.

After a mild, almost asymptomatic Covid-19 infection, I got a COVID skin rash all over my body for several weeks, which always came back even after taking strong anti-histamin pills prescribed by my doctor. After taking a homeopathic remedy recommended by Andrea, the rash completely disappeared within a couple of days and never came back.

After my knee surgery (ACL and meniscus) I also received treatment from Andrea and had a very fast recovery. Even the head surgent told me: “In 25 years of my career as a surgent I have never seen such a fast recovery”.

After my appendix surgery I suffered from irritable bowel after taking a very high dosis of antibiotics. As a result, I could not digest food properly for a couple of weeks and lost lots of weight. After Andrea´s treatment my digestion issues disappeared completely within 3 days after taking the homeopathic remedy.

Stefano, Germany

Skin issues

I tried homeopathy without great expectations as a chance to solve several problems that have been bothering me for a long time - mainly skin problems and strong cravings for sweets. Cooperation with Andrea is very pleasant - she has a professional approach to the patient, I had no problem talking to her openly about my life, habits and experiences, which is important for the choice of treatment. I am still in the process of healing, but I am already seeing an improvement! Andrea is closely monitoring my progress and I look forward to further cooperation!

Ondřej, Czech Republic

Hormonal disbalance

Homeopathy saved my life. I turned to Andrea for help because of irregular period cycles and severe acne after I stopped taking the birth control pill. Until that moment I had tried everything possible for many years and I was losing hope that this problem will ever get solved. After taking the homeopathic remedy my period got regular again and my acne miraculously disappeared. In addition, I was suffering from fear of cancer that is present in our family. This fear completely dissolved after the remedy she has selected for me. I enjoy living my life much more than before. Furthermore, since discovering homeopathy I haven´t needed antibiotics or any other medical drugs. Andrea also supported my family with homeopathic treatment after a sudden loss of my father. Due to this, my mum was processing the feelings of deep grief much quicker. I can fully recommend Andrea to everyone. She has a very kind and professional approach, I feel comfortable talking to her. She has been able to solve my existing problems in a short period of time.

Lucie, Czech Republic


I turned to Andrea for help because I was suffering from insecurities and feelings of anxiety at work. I work as a medical doctor at a hospital. Before that I tried to find a solution with psychiatrists and psychologists but I didn´t observe any real improvements. My issues were temporarily suppressed but not solved. As a result, I started to be open to alternative healing methods and one of them is homeopathy. Andrea selected a remedy that was tailor made for me and so she helped me to release accumulated blockages from the past. After I took the remedy I perceived my issues being a bit stronger for a very short period of time, but Andrea explained to me that this is a sign the remedy has been selected correctly and tries to restore balance. After that I observed I am more stable, calmer and I can manage stress at work much better. I am grateful there are also other healing methods that can very well complement conventional medicine. I thank Andrea for always being here ready to help.

Andrea, Austria

Crohn's disease

I have been treated for over 10 years with Crohn's disease, which got significantly worse after the Covid infection. I was faced with the decision to accept immunotherapy or to find another way. I combined several approaches and techniques and homeopathy was one of them. Andrea was able to find a homeopathic remedy that was very helpful in my recovery. Today I do not need any conventional treatment and I am healthy with no return of the disease. In addition to the chronic problem, we also successfully solved an acute respiratory infection and supported the healing process after my knee surgery.

Andrea is very perceptive and has a professional approach, great willingness to help and deep knowledge in the field of homeopathy. Together, we always found a way to successfully solve something that could seem unsolvable.

Gabriela, Czech republic

A case of depression

When my path crossed with Andrea’s, I was in a terrible condition mentally as well as physically. My body was running on a completely empty battery, totally exhausted and sleep-deprived. My mind was full of self-doubts, negative thoughts and I was experiencing some sort of stiffness and tension that completely blocked me from functioning properly. In short: I was super desperate! I had been consulting several doctors, neurologists and psychologists over the course of the past 5 years. However, I always had the feeling that none of them was looking at my issues from a holistic point of view. The pills that the conventional medicine was prescribing basically just treated my symptoms on the surface, but nothing was able to dig deep enough to fight the actual root-cause.

And then I met Andrea and my life changed for the better! By looking at the big picture of what was actually going on she was able to pick a homeopathic remedy that really helped me to regain my energy level and shift my mood towards a more positive way of thinking. I was amazed by the fast progress I made. It felt like my body and mind are finally coming to their balance again. I am forever thankful for Andrea’s support! I can definitely recommend Andrea as she not only possesses a profound knowledge of homeopathic remedies and general understanding of the human body, but also makes it easy for you to open up about your deepest fears and concerns due to her kind, nurturing and caring personality.

Until this day I am able to experience and actually enjoy life once again - with all its ups and downs.

Michaela, Austria

Postpartum depression

I have successfully solved several health problems with Andrea. Unfortunately, classical medicine could not solve these problems for me or my one-year-old daughter. I was often in a desperate situation when Andrea helped me thanks to homeopathy. One of them was postpartum depression. After giving birth, I struggled with feeling depressed, being delusional, and seeing apparitions. I thought I was going crazy. Thanks to Andrea's care, I returned to my old state of being. It was an incredible relief. I could finally function normally again! Homeopathy also helped my daughter several times, e.g. with high fevers. Conventional drugs reduced the fever, but only for a couple of hours. After the administration of a homeopathic remedy, it disappeared completely and very quickly. These are just a few examples of when Andrea helped me and my family a lot. She always responded immediately and the remedies worked so well that I couldn't believe it myself. I am very grateful to her for her care. Thanks to her, I can lead a normal life again.

Denisa, Czech republic