Andrea Ette Homeopathy

About autopathy

Autopathy is a healing method of overall harmonisation of the organism based on the foundations of classical homeopathy and the ancient wisdom of e.g. Buddhist traditions.

Autopathy sees a disease as a manifestation of disruption of the flow of subtle energies. Autopathy uses the information about an individual to be treated coming from breath, saliva or the seventh chakra etc., which carry the frequency structure, information about the whole organism. This information diluted with water to a subtle state then acts upon the vital (life) force (also prana, qi) and affects all levels of being - physical, psychological, mental and spiritual. Autopathy does not directly treat the physical body. However, it aims to restore the disturbed flow of the life force while reconnecting us with the Universal Source and so re-organizes the organism and establishes harmony.

“Autopathy heals our connection to Universal Source. It is a path to higher consciousness, harmony, happiness and health.”

Jiří Čehovský

Autopathy can be used separately as a healing method in the treatment of e.g. chronic diseases or used as a complementary method to other therapies.

The autopathic preparation is done according to instructions by each person at home using the autopathic bottle. The method of autopathic preparation (saliva, breath, the seventh chakra, etc.), potency (the level of dilution/ strength) and the frequency of administration are determined individually based on the specific problems of an individual and their overall vital state.