Andrea Ette Homeopathy

Autopathy And A Case of Mononucleosis

August 2nd Initial Consultation

A 37-year-old woman came to me with Epstein-Barr virus infection (EBV), which started in May 2022 with fevers around 38 degrees Celsius (100.5 degrees Fahrenheit), severe sore throat, cough, enlarged painful lymph nodes in the groin and neck. Enlarged painful lymph nodes often appear chronically. She was misdiagnosed at first and was on two courses of different antibiotics, without any improvement of her condition. Only afterwards high levels of antibodies against EBV and chlamydia in the lungs were detected. 

She had had a constantly increased body temperature of around 37.2 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit) for the last 2 months. She was very tired. She said she felt desperate; she did not know how long will it still last. She used to be very active; she used to go for long walks. Now she could not go for walks at all. She was exhausted from every small activity during which she suffered from shortness of breath. At that point of time she hadn´t been able to work for three months and was on sick leave. Before the outbreak of the disease, she worked a lot, sometimes even until 4 am. 1.5 years ago she broke down mentally because she kept overworking herself regularly. She said at that time she hit bottom. 

She also mentioned a couple of other health problems. She had had atopic eczema since she was little, but it disappeared and various allergies appeared. Eczema used to be on the forearms, inner thighs and hands. The skin was dry, she needed to use moisturisers. She had a tendency to get constipated. Before her period she felt unwell. She often got sick to her stomach and had pain and cramps in her lower abdomen. She used to have sinus infections regularly in the past. 

I asked her about her likes, dislikes, eating and drinking habits and so on. She enjoys working, she likes going to nature, doing sports, listening to music, and she likes culture. She likes to eat everything, especially sweets, meat and eggs. She drinks 2.5 litres of water and tea a day. She drinks lukewarm and warm drinks. Naturally, she is not thirsty; she forces herself to drink enough. She likes summer and sun, but also sunny winter. She does not like unpleasant weather and humidity. She is mostly concerned about her health. She is worried about having enough work and money. Security is important, but she does not resist unplanned things like travelling low-cost. She is goal oriented, hardworking, thorough and stubborn. She’s chilly, but she is going to swim into cold waters. She dreams a lot about work and feels tired in the morning. 

Due to the high load of the Epstein-Barr Virus, chlamydia in her body and abnormal liver values, I decided for autopathy from heated breath. I suggested that at first she will do the dilution of only 1.5l because of low vitality, every other day, 4 times, and then call me to see how she reacted to it. 

August 22nd 2022 Follow-Up Consulation 

After the first 3 applications of 1.5l heated breath she had pain in the area of the sinuses, got chills, got a headache, the lymph nodes swelled and got more painful and she quickly fell asleep. After the 4th application, she was only tired for one day. She reported that for the first time, she felt a little bit better overall. She said she still had no strength and suffered from shortness of breath. I advised to continue with 1.5l again 4x every other day and then increase to 3l 4x every 3rd day, and then 4.5l only once. 

September 25th 2022 Follow-Up Consulation 

She feels about 80 % better. She has much more energy. She goes for walks now. The shortness of breath is almost gone. She has good digestion. Her last period was for the first time without problems, pain or swollen lymph nodes. I recommended to her to continue with the 4.5 l once a week for a month. I increased the interval between the applications because she was doing significantly better. 

Novemeber 2nd 2022 Follow-Up Consulation 

After the application of the 4.5l she had a collapse and spent two days in bed due to fatigue and her eczema came back. Especially her hands were covered in rash, the places where eczema used to occur. After two days the eczema disappeared and her energy returned. The healing process follows the Hering´s Law of Cure “from the inside out”. The old pathology came to the surface, disappeared and her energy returned. Other three applications of 4.5l kept improving the level of energy and her overall state. In October her blood work and other tests were completely back to normal. Her immunologist was very surprised as her results were quite bad before. She goes for long walks and goes swimming into cold waters again. She feels well overall and has energy to work again. 

Autopathy from heated breath repeatedly from 1.5l to 4.5l resolved the subacute state of mononucleosis, which had persisted for 3 months before starting autopathy.