Andrea Ette Homeopathy

About me

I´m Andrea, I graduated from a three year course of study and training at Homeopathy Academy in Prague, following the principles of Classical Homeopathy. I have continued studying the advanced program in homeopathy at the Homeopathy Academy in Prague and attending seminars with world leaders in homeopathic research and development, Dr Robin Murphy, Dr. Massimo Mangialavori, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Louis Klein, etc.

I completed a certified program in Medicine for Non-Medical Students at the Apollon University of Applied Science in Bremen, Germany, focusing on anatomy and physiology.

Prior to discovering homeopathy, I obtained a Master’s degree in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna, Austria and worked in business environment for a couple of years.

My story

I turned to homeopathy after I didn’t find any solutions for my health problems with conventional medicine. I was facing several different health challenges during the course of life – autoimmune disorders, insomnia, chronic inflammations, bartonella infection (causing similar condition as more known lyme disease), which I was able to fully heal with homeopathy. Furthermore, I used homeopathy as the first choice to treat common acute conditions and understood that a wide variety of non-severe acute illnesses can be effectively handled this way. Additionally, after a spinal nerve injury that was not responding to any treatment, I could finally heal with a suitable homeopathic remedy. I was very fascinated by the scope of conditions it is able to heal and how it can restore health.

As homeopathy had a dramatic impact on my life, I was drawn to study it and later started my own practice.

I perceive homeopathy as a wonderful system of medicine. It is kind, gentle, safe and effective as a form of medicine. Homeopathy is very in-depth study. It is such a broad subject that you can continue studying and learning for a lifetime. In one way it is also a study of life and human behaviour. It brings in all aspects about what you think about life, how people experience traumas and events. It is interesting how people describe an event in their life which is different to how someone else would describe and experience it.

“In one way it is also a study of life and human behaviour.”

And so it is important to me to treat every person with enough care and attention and understand each individual´s unique experience of his or her condition, which is fundamental for successful treatment.

It is a truly rewarding experience for me to see an improvement in the health of people I treat. Seeing their energy levels and the quality of life improved or restored, to see their blossoming mind and spirit and how they are thriving.

I believe there is so much potential in healing and what our bodies are capable of when giving the right “information” to them. And based on all of my experience, homeopathy can make a true difference in people´s lives and I choose to help them on the journey back to health and more importantly back to themselves.