Andrea Ette Homeopathy

A Case of Depression

Client´s experience with the homoeopathic treatment

“My problems started about three years ago. At that time, I was informed by the doctor about my diagnosis, which turned my whole life upside down. This was followed by surgery and further check-ups in the hospital. Even though I was surrounded by a loving family including grandchildren, my psyche hit rock bottom. I suffered from depression. I tried my best and my psyche slowly improved but the slightest stimulus was enough for me to find myself at the bottom again.

That’s why I was looking for different ways to get rid of the unpleasant state I was in. One of the things that helped me was homoeopathic treatment. Andrea, who was recommended to me, discussed everything with me and selected a homoeopathic remedy that suited my problems and contributed to the gradual improvement of my condition. I don’t break down anymore because of all the problems that come my way and I finally started to see life from the bright side.

I would like to thank Andrea, who thanks to her abilities brings back the joy of life to people with the help of homoeopathic remedies, which are not only effective, but also without any side effects.” – Iveta

Homoeopathic interview and analysis

A 65-year-old female client comes to me because she suffers from depression and anxiety. It started at the time when she had to undergo oncological surgery of the ascending colon. The illness was preceded by a crisis period with her husband. She says she feels depressed, especially in the morning. She is stressed and anxious every time before the upcoming examination before she gets the results. She feels scattered, unable to concentrate. She says she is terribly indecisive. She needs to know different opinions from various people to  choose from so that she does not make a bad decision. She is concerned about health, she has a fear of cancer and a fear of tick-borne encephalitis. Most important is her health and the health of close people. She is very responsible. Security is very important. She doesn’t like arguments, she wants to solve everything calmly. She is sensitive when someone raises their voice. Something sad on TV makes her cry. She is sociable, she likes to be around people. She was always around people at work. She doesn’t like mess, all things have their place. She always organises and cleans the house after having people over at her place. She likes to look after her grandchildren. She says she has good self-confidence, she doesn’t underestimate herself. She doesn’t mind public appearances or speaking in front of people. She can express her opinions, even if she makes an enemy. When stressed, she wakes up at night around 3 a.m., otherwise she sleeps well. She doesn’t like the look of fatty meat. She hates smoked meat and chicken. She likes dairy products, especially acidophilic milk. She likes vegetables, fruits, especially sweetsour apples. She drinks boiled warm water, about 1.5 liters a day. She is hoarse from the cold water. She is chilly. She prefers warm weather but hates being in the sun. She responds to weather changes.

Repertorization of the case

Translation of the symptoms:

Murphy/ Mind/ Indecisive

Murphy/ Mind/ Anxiety, health, about

Murphy/ Mind/ Company, desires

Murphy/ Mind/ Cleaning, passion for cleanliness

Murphy/ Mind/ Order, desires

Murphy/ Generals/ Morning, aggravates

Murphy/ Environment/ Heat/ ameliorates

Murphy/ Environment/ Weather, changes, worse from

Murphy/ Food/ Milk, desires

Murphy/ Food/ Smoked meat, aversion to

Murphy/ Food/ Cold drinks/ aggravates

Based on the homoeopathic analysis, the first two remedies Arsenicum album and Calcarea Carbonica come into consideration. Other remedies do not cover the essence of the case – anxiety about health and significant insecurity.

Arsenicum´s pathological state arises from a deep-seated insecurity. This insecurity is expressed in the client by strong indecision and the need for different opinions and options, from which she does not know what to choose. From this insecurity comes Arsenicum’s dependence on other people and the typical desire for company. People in the Arsenicum state have a great need for order and cleanliness. They are perfectionists. It is the expression of inner anxious insecurity by creating order and cleanliness in the outer world. Physical and mental restlessness. Anxiety about health is also typical, mostly about one’s own health and then about those closest to them, who create their safety net. This anxiety results from a deep fear of death. The Arsenicum patient feels worse in the morning and then after midnight between 1-3 am. Arsenicum is very chilly and ameliorated by heat. On the physical plane it affects the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver, stomach and intestines, respiratory system and mucous membranes the most. Tendency to malignancy.

The differential diagnosis between Arsenicum album and Calcarea carbonica has to be done as at the certain stage of the disease both remedies can look very similar. Arsenicum comes out better because of the deep feeling of insecurity, fear for one’s own health and the desire for order and cleanliness. Calcarea carbonica also wants order, but more like a system, cleanliness is not so important. Calcarea patients also worry about their health, but above all they worry about their loved ones. Calcarea does not have the typical aggravation of Arsenicum in the morning and between 1-3 am.

Arsenicum album C30 was administered 3 days in a row once a day. Two months after the administration of the remedy, the client feels significantly better, she takes everything more relaxed. She is no longer shaken by the things that happen to her. She sleeps better, wakes up less often. She wakes up feeling better in the morning. Things that had an effect on her do not affect her anymore. She can now decide for herself without the opinions of others. People say she has a lot of energy. She perceives that she has more energy due to the fact that she is not so overwhelmed by everything. The weather changes do not affect her so much anymore.

The client is doing well, the improvement is long-lasting and there was no need to repeat the remedy.