Andrea Ette Homeopathy

A Case of Anxiety

Client´s experience with the homoeopathic treatment

“For many years I had had anxiety attacks at times that are normal or mildly stressful situations for many people. For example, when I had to travel somewhere, I always felt anxious and very worried if everything would go well. I also felt unreasonable feelings of anxiety in my partner relationship, that something would happen to someone, or that I would be abandoned or that the other person did not like me. I perceived this in situations where everything was developing nicely. I also noticed over time that when I ate a lot of sweets, my mental states and anxiety worsened. I felt impatient, restless and had a lot of thoughts. In my head I couldn’t imagine coming somewhere too late, I’d rather come half an hour early and wait in the rain or in the cold than to come five minutes too late. I also suffered from a fear of heights. When I looked down from a high place my head started to spin, I felt feelings of weakness and great anxiety.

Last year everything escalated when I was experiencing turbulent and demanding situations in a partner relationship, which triggered panic attacks. It was no longer small bursts of anxiety like in the past, but a great fear that something would fall apart, a great fear that something wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. These panic attacks would come several times a day in waves. I was consumed by feelings of helplessness. I experienced an enormous fear and had a thousand negative thoughts in my head that made no sense. I couldn’t sleep and lived in fear that my own fears would consume me again. The mind was in control of me at this point and did what it wanted.

I took the individually selected homoeopathic remedy and I immediately calmed down. It was a feeling like when I finally get to sleep after several nights being awake or when the sun comes out and the sky is blue after gloomy days. I suddenly felt an inner peace, my thoughts calmed down and the anxious feelings reduced. My mental state was so serious that I thought that I would need to be locked up somewhere in a mental hospital or be on strong sedatives because I felt that I could no longer manage this condition on my own. Thanks to the homoeopathic medicine, I didn’t need it. We repeated the remedy several times, and over time, I got rid of panic attacks, anxiety and catastrophic scenarios. The thousands of thoughts in my head suddenly disappeared. Since I have taken the remedy, I feel that when I travel somewhere, I have a healthy respect for everything to go well, but I no longer have a huge stress. Many times it even happens that I arrive somewhere late, and even if I feel sorry for the person who was waiting, it definitely doesn’t stress me out anymore or make me prefer to wait somewhere for a longer time. I also noticed that my fear of heights improved. The last time I was on a trip, I stood on a high place and could look down through glass and I felt a natural respect. And when a more challenging situation in a partner relationship comes up, I calmly tell myself that there is no reason to panic and that everything will be fine. I am very grateful that Andrea saved my life with this homoeopathic remedy. ” – Eliška

Homoeopathic interview and Analysis

A 32-year-old thin female client comes to me with severe anxiety, which has worsened significantly recently due to insecurity in her partner relationship. She suffers from panic attacks several times a day. She describes herself as impulsive, restless, impatient and quick-tempered. She has a fear of abandonment, of something happening to someone, of being late, of heights. She suffers from anticipatory anxiety, e.g. fear of travel. She doesn’t like to speak in front of many people. She feels that she is not worthy of love and that she has to earn love. She has many thoughts that flood her mind and make no sense. Therefore, she can’t sleep at night because of these thoughts. She always has to do something and she does things in a hurry. She feels worse in crowded spaces. She feels worse when her blood sugar is low, then she has a tendency to faint. She says that sweets aggravate her mental state. She feels worse after consuming gluten and sparkling water. She likes to drink lukewarm water and tea, about 2.5 l a day. She likes eating potatoes, bacon, gluten-free oats, cooked vegetables, fish, mozzarella and tomatoes. She doesn’t like mushrooms and oranges. She enjoys being in the sun. She feels worse in the cold wind.

Repertorization of the case

Translation of the symptoms:

Murphy/ Mind/ Impatience

Murphy/ Mind/ Thoughts, strange

Murphy/ Mind/ Fear, public speaking, of

Murphy/ Mind/ Fear, heights, of

Murphy/ Mind/ Fear, being late, of

Murphy/ Mind/ Fear, being abandoned, of

Murphy/ Mind/ Impulsive

Murphy/ Food/ Sweets, aggravation from

The totality of the client’s symptoms clearly points to the remedy Argentum nitricum.

The central idea of Argentum nitricum is primarily weakness on the mental plane. This weakness is accompanied by an emotional state of excitability, nervousness, impulsiveness and haste. One of the main remedies for anxiety with panic attacks in case the symptoms agree. In addition to having a major effect on the mind, emotions and nervous system, we often find difficulties in the digestive tract.

In the client’s case, we find many keynote symptoms whose pattern corresponds to the remedy Argentum nitricum, so the case was very clear from the beginning – haste, impulsiveness, fear of heights, fear of being late, anticipatory anxiety such as fear of speaking in public, aggravation from sweets. Worse in crowded places and worse from low blood sugar.

After the first administration of the remedy Argentum nitricum C200, the client had a feeling of heat and subfebrile temperature, one-time diarrhea (detoxification of the organism) and sinus pain, which she knew from childhood (return of old symptom). This initial reaction lasted for 2 days. At the same time, she calmed down, the anxious state improved and she felt inner peace. Thousands of meaningless thoughts disappeared and she could sleep peacefully. After 2 weeks the anxiety started to return. The remedy of the same dilution of C200 was repeated, which helped again only for 14 days. After the administration of the same remedy in a higher potency of 1M, which had a deeper effect on the organism, the anxiety disappeared and never came back. She also reports that she is no longer restless, impulsive and in such a hurry. Fears of travel and heights went away. Sweets no longer have an effect on her mental state.

The reaction indicates the right remedy. The initial homoeopathic aggravation is followed by an improvement on the mental and emotional planes and an improvement of the general condition. The improvement is long-lasting.